Real Estate

  • Accompanying real estate developers in all legal aspects of their projects, including but not limited to water availability, environmental feasibility, condominium’s registration and others.
  • Advisory for buyers in the real estate market, throughout the process of selecting and negotiating their property.
  • Environmental due diligence and advisory on those aspects relevant to real estate transactions.
  • Filing and monitoring of water availability permits before the competent authorities.
  • Management of real estate projects from the legal standpoint, both in urban and coastal areas.
  • Issuance of governmental permits related to real estate projects, according to the applicable framework.
  • Transactional advisory in the sale and purchase of properties.
  • Structuring and negotiation of Escrow and Trust Agreements in complex transactions and real estate projects.

Real estate is a core practice at Sauma Rossi. We constantly support sellers and buyers in the real estate market in Costa Rica, in seeking and negotiating the property they want. Our legal counsel will guide you through the specifics of a real estate transaction from scratch, from the negotiation of the underlying purchase agreements, the legal due diligence, until a successful closing. We also work closely with top-level realtors and real estate agencies, aiming for a better approach to such a relevant practice.

Aside from the transactional aspects, we also focus on the structuring and development of real estate projects in Costa Rica, in urban and coastal areas. With a deep understanding of the applicable framework, at Sauma Rossi we will protect your best interest at any moment.